Biocell Placenta Extract $129

Biocell Placenta Extract

This product is fully imported from Switzerland.



Anti-aging functions
Prevents the hardening of liver
Prevents and improves bloating, rashes, black spot and freckle
Improves the effect of anemia
Relieves the discomfort due to menopause
Relieves the diabetic conditions
Revitalize the body during illness and after recuperation
Enhances the healing of skin membrane and wounds
Relieves cold feet and piles
Relieves kidney ailment
Relieves hypertension
Relieves the inflammation for stomach and duodenum
Relieves gum disease
Relieves constipation
Eliminates body odor
Invigorates the body
Improves sexual desire and prevent impotence
Strengthens the body resistance against diseases

Packing: 5ml x 10 vials

Dosage: Twice weekly by IV or IM

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