Biocell Regenesis Cell Therapy $309

Biocell Regenesis Cell Therapy

Origin: Swiss

Rejuvenate you body and appearance with stem cell treatments!!

Today, more and more people are turning to stem cell therapy as the ultimate anti aging treatment, and many physicians say there’s a good reason. Unlike plastic surgery, stem cells rejuvenate from within and address much more than the outward effects of aging. Countless studies have shown that stem cells replace, re-grow, and repair on a cellular level that goes far beyond simply “looking good.” They can also return more youthful levels of energy and resolve age-related conditions like hair loss, osteoarthritis, and more.

– Helps to stimulate the body to build up to 60% Growth hormone Growth hormone.
– Restore youthful skin
– Reduce wrinkles & lines, smoother skin, refine pores
– Repair and create new cells to the level of DNA and RNA
– Skin rejuvenation & anti-aging
– Regenerated cells, tissues & organs
– Vast improvement in immune system
– Finer skin texture & balanced toned colour
– Improvement in skin elasticity, thickness, reduction of wrinkles, lightening of facial pigmentation & refining of facial pores
– Improvement in blood circulation
– Enhancement of stamina & energy level of body
– Boost up sexual drive with endurance & vitality
– Delay in menopause, reduction in PMS problems
– Improve immune system

– Feeling of vitality and rejuvenation
– Improved capacity for physical activities
– Thickening and improved quality of hair
– Increased libido
– Decreased level of hemoglobin
– Decrease in triglyceride levels
– Decrease in creatinin levels
– Improvement in renal function
– Decrease in the fasting blood sugars
– Loss of neuropathy
– Loss of itch


Stem cells are natures pharmacy. They are found in all humans and enable us to quickly recover form injuries such as spinal cord,knee/leg related sports injuries to degenerative illness such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart and liver disease. Stem Cells provide the nutrients and instructions for a stronger and healthier body. Strong immune systems,are not easily prone to certain illnesses and diseases. Your body when functioning normally, can easily shield itself against harmful bacteria or viruses that can affect your body.

All throughout the natural process, your stem cells actively work to help replenish your body. If some of your organs are damaged or destroyed, these repair stem cells “home” to the damaged parts of the body to begin repair. Unfortunately, as people age, the production of your stem cells also diminishes over time. The stem cells are usually created and distributed from the bone marrow but over time the marrow production decreases and it no longer release as many stem cells as it used. This reduction in circulating stem cells is the main reason why nagging injuries and illnesses take much longer to heal during old age. The fewer stem cells in your body means fewer cells capable of repairing and rejuvenating your body naturally.

With the help of the latest in technological advancements, regenerative medicine can now help you to effectively manage the aging process through stem cell treatment for anti-aging.

Not only does the stem cell therapy help treat the chronic diseases, it is also very beneficial in improving the overall health and well being of a person.


Packing: 5 ml x 50 vials


Dosage & Injection Method:
IV or IM. 1 or 2 vials per time, 2 times per week.


Not Suitable For:

  • Breast feeding
  • During menstrual cycle
  • Allergy to vitamins of any kind
  • Pregnant women
  • Patient with a cardiovascular problem

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