Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 70000mg $169


Filorga Cleo Fresh Gluta 70000mg 

Achieve white, silky and smoother skin with concentrated extract Live 70,000 mg of glutathione.

By inhibiting the enzyme Tyrosinase skin by inhibiting melanin production process Antioxidants And help to prevent the degeneration of cells.

Add moisture to the skin and also prevent wrinkles and subtle acidity in tomatoes helps clean the pores and smaller.

Reduce wrinkles as well. Keeps skin smooth and balancing skin. Ideal for sensitive skin Evening Primrose Oil reduces allergic rashes, loss prevention and accelerate skin including fast attack of free radicals, reduce skin aging Ryu deterioration of the skin from the sun.

Protection from harmful free radicals.

Filorga Cleopatra Glutathione 70,000 mg answer to every problem, dull skin, dark spots, freckles and dry skin !!!

* Fresh Glutathione 70,000 mg
* Plus Vit C + Q10 + Collagen + Grape Seed + Mixed Berry 10,000 mg.
* Evening Primrose Oil 1,000mg.

PACKING: 5 vials/Box

IV or IM, 1-2 times per week

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