Tyrese Blanc II- Clarity of White $199

Tyrese Blanc II – Hyper Clarity of White

TYRESE BLANC II detox and discharges the metabolites, reduce cells damage, anti-aging and reduces melanin cells from the inside. Tyrese Blanc Blood Whitening Detox Therapy never fall off from the all-round shape of beautiful. AMAZING WHITENING THERAPY:

1. Promote skin wound recovery
2. Adjust and balance skin tone
3. Powerful moisturizing
4. Prevent / remove pimples marks / scar
5. Dark spot remover
6. Reduction of lines and wrinkles
7. Nourises skin
8. Healing of wounds
9. Makes your skin smooth, fresh and radiants
10. Vast improvement in immune system against disease
11. Improved staminaand energy level
12. Vast improvement inmental alertness
13. Fairer skin texture and more even tone colour
14. Deeper and relaxing sleep
15. Better mobility of limbs
16. Slimmer snd healthier physique
17. Improvements in blood circulation


Ingredients :

Vitamin C 250mg/ml – 20ml
Vitamin C 100mg/ml – 5ml
Spormine – 20ml
Thioctan – 5ml
Tranexamic Acid – 5ml
Pyridoxal Phosphate – 2ml
Hydroxobam – 2ml
High Purity of Glutathione – 1500mg

Recommended Dosage :

Once or twice a week with mixture of 8 ingredients.


Mixture Method :

250ml of Sodium Chloride Water or Amino Acid with mixture of 8 ingredients. IV only.


Precautions :

Do not use this therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Consume of high iron food with vitamin C can caused arsenic poisoning, avoid iron-rich food after treatment.


Storage Instruction :

Do not expose to heat or sunlight. Keep out reach of children. Keep in a cool dry place.

8 amps x 4 sets

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