Bellona Filler $220

Bellona Filler ( FDA Approved)

Origin: Korea

Made by : Cha Meditech Korea.
Distributed by : G – Med Pharmaceutical.

Composition :
Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid 45mg per syringes with lidocaine, one syringe contains 3ml of Bellona.

3 syringes (each syringe 3ml )

Bellona Filler is a non animal based cross linked hyaluronic acid with lidocain approved by Korea FDA. Injected into the dermal layer of the skin hydrates cells and improves blood circulation as well as the absorption of nutrients by the skin. This latest BDDE cross linked acid helps to achieve triple long lasting result compare to other hyaluronic acid products and leave you with moist and beautiful skin.

It can serve as a moisture solution injected by either meso gun or fine needle on the whole face or selected area. It can also serve as a filler to remove fine lines & wrinkles. By injecting hyaluronic acid which adds moisture to dermis skin by using multi-neddle to inject evenly. It is an anti-aging injection for maintaining elastic, hydration, and even the skin tone. By adding the Vitamin C (optional), it could also whiten your skin and reduce speckles.

20160805135346251_MC5QJI4X (1)

Treatment areas:

Fine lines & wrinkles on the face including around the mouth, neck, eyes corner, eyebag, forehead, lips, lafolabial lines…etc. Other skin problems resulting from dry and a loss of elasticity can be injected with this product, it helps resolve the skin elasticity while helping your skin stay moistured at the same time.
Bellona filler do not use animal-based ingredients and exhibit high levels of stability and resemble human tissue. One advantage is that the ingredients do not decompose easily and the likelihood of developing an allergic reaction is very low. Aside from serving as an implant, it also improve skin sheen and restore elasticity to make your skin glow.


Injection Method:

Inject Bellona Filler into the dermal layer located 1mm beneath the skin to replenish moisture, restore skin elasticity and remove wrinkles. Can mix with other products to enhance the effect.


Water Shining Injection- it’s called “Bellona”.

Bio Cosmetic_Human stem cell_4





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