Rejuran Healer $399 (2 Syringes x 2ml)



Rejuran Healer (KFDA approved) – Premium Filler in Korea

Not only a Filler, but also  “Healer”.

Used by many Top Korean Artists !


Are you still using Restylane and Botox ? Still spending money every 6 months ? Still doing laser for your face ?

Oh Nooooooooooo , come try this product !

What is Rejuran Healer ?

Rejuran is a gel formation of polynucleotide that has been approved by the Korean FDA. It is created using salmon sperm DNA fragments, molecules that are free of side-effects and have been proven to induce long-term tissue regeneration from within the deep dermis.

As the new concept of skin healing filler using Polynucleotide (PN) which is a tissue regeneration material, Rejuran Healer helps skin maintain healthy and beautiful by improving the physiological condition of damaged inner skin.

Rejuran is referred to as a “Healer” rather than regular filler, it gradually improve the general biological condition of damaged skin as well as regenerate new cells to keep your skin young and healthy. This is something that other fillers cannot do. This injection is recommended as an anti-aging and the result is comparable with placenta & stem cell.

You have tried various treatments such as  Laser, Botox, Derma Filler but want something Greater, Better and Permanent?

In fact, Rejuran has 10 effects that can eventually make you look 10 years younger, with promising result !

– Significantly improves skin density and elasticity
– Significantly lifting saggy skin
– Balances oil and moisture of skin
– Significantly reduces pores
– Significantly reduces sebum
– Significantly improves skin texture and smoother
– Significantly improves fine lines & wrinkles
– Full recovers protective layers of skin
– Significantly clarifies skin tone
– Significantly reduces dead cells
– Significantly repair damaged cell, dermis layer, epidermis layer and facial wound

PharmaResearch Products Co Ltd, Korea.

PN (Polynucleotide)

Packaging:  1 box= 2 syringes, each syringe 2ml

Needle size:  JBP nano-needle 33G, 4mm (extreme fine needle)


Injection Method:

After numbing cream is applied, inject small amount on the face or any area you wish to treat. Immediately after the injections, the skin around the puncture mark will swell up and become bumpy; but this will go away in about 1 or 2 days. Needle marks will last for few days but will not more than 6 days.

How does Rejuran Healer works ?

REJURAN dermal filler has been launched with macromolecule of PDRN as an active ingredient which is naturally exist in human body since born. It brought more vitality and elasticity to both dermis and epidermis and strength thinned & saggy skin permanently and effectively!

REJURAN naturally regenerates the damaged skin to make healthy skin and improve intradermal circumstance to promote skin elasticity. The active ingredient of Rejuran is PDRN optimized for skin regeneration and skin circumstance improvement, and it promotes collagen synthesis for effecting on elasticity of skin.

By stimulating specific receptor selectively, PDRN gives anti-inflammatory effect and tissue regeneration effect. Therefore it is also very good for severe acne, blemishes and infection skin too. It can reduce dose of anti-inflammatory drug such as steroids and NSAIDs, yet it is more convenient than PRP or Stem Cell.

As it works from within and will achieve a permanent result, therefore it takes slightly longer to see the result. However, the result will be permanent, natural and surprising! Repeat injection is usually not needed unlike other dermal fillers require repeat injection every 6 months.

You can expect the below:

– Water retention of the skin will significantly increased after 4 weeks

– Pores and Keratins will significantly reduced after 4 weeks

– Skin is significantly smoother after 1 week

– Significantly improve skin elasticity and saggy face/ jawlines

– Fine lines & wrinkles will dissapear signifcantly

– Maintain balace between water & oil

– Volumization through enhanced dermal thickness

– Skin look significantly lighter, watery and shining after 4 week

– 100% no side effect

Fine line and wrinkes around the eyes corner, mouth corner and under eyes are very hard to be removed by dermal filler or Botox and the result is temporary. Rejuran Healer has been shown to significantly improve fine lines and wrinkles around those hardly targeted areas due to its efficacy and safety. It can even be injected on the neck, hand and stretch mark or any part of the body! It is a promising filler that provide drastic & permanent result to the clients!

Due to its excellent safety & stability, Rejuran Filler can be easily combined with other treatments. It can also be used alone to bring natural revitalization of the skin.

Why choose Rejuran Healer , but not other Filler/ Hyaluronic Acid ?

– KFDA Approved

– Made by PN (Polynucleotide), not just a normal Hyaluronic Acid

– Extremely safe. Safer than Hyaluronic Acid

– Permanent Result. No need repeat injection.

– Can inject on the face, cheek,  lips, neck, hand, knee, strecth mark or anywhere!

– Excellent result especially on the hardly targetted areas like eye corner, mouth corner and under eyes.

– Suitable for thinned skin patient especially for after laser treatments

– Suitable for patient who prefer more natural outcome

– Suitable for oily face patient due to its function to balance up the oil & water of the skin

– Suitable for sensitive & allergy & severe acne skin patient

– Suitable for patint who is sensitive to derma filler and Botox

– Suitable for patient who want to try new product other than normal filler & Hyaluronic Acid.

– Suitable for patient who want only natural ingredient injection

– Suitable for patient who have damaged on the dermis & epidermis layer as it can helps to heal.

– Not just a filler, but a “Healer” which helps to repair damaged skin cells, damaged tissues and facial wounds.

– Result guaranteed.

– 100% no side effect

–  Improve the general biological condition of damaged skin & regenerate new cells. This is something that other fillers cannot do.


(1) This product cannot act as a facial implant and not recommended to inject into nose bridge and chin for facial reshaping purposes.

(2) As the product works from within and will achieve a permanent & significant result in a natural way, therefore it will takes 2- 4 weeks to see the result.

UPDATE : The latest batch of stock is manufactured on 21 March 2018 and the expiry date is 2 years after the manufactured date, which will be falls on March 21 March 2020. (updated on 20 Nov 2018) 


Price: $ 399 ( 1 box= 2 syringes, each syringe 2ml)

Original & Authentic Guaranteed. Result Guaranteed.






73 thoughts on “Rejuran Healer $399 (2 Syringes x 2ml)

  1. SERENA says:

    Hi I’m from SINGAPORE, and I wish to know the price for the rejuran healer. Is it 2ml X 2 syringes? So per box is 4ml in total? Email me please. Thanks


  2. Dessy Natalia says:

    I want to buy and also I want to know do you have a representative to help applying or injecting the rejuran in Surabaya Indonesia?


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