Origin: Korea

Neuramis Filler is a monophasic hyaluronic acid filler that consist 0.3% lidocaine to reduce injection pain. To make it a more stable gel for longer result, it is manufactured with unique double cross-linking, called Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid & Purification Enhancement technology, which was developed by Medytox.

Furthermore, Neuramis is injected using an ultra thin-wall needle (27G & 30G), which has a larger inner diameter and significantly reduce the injection pain.

Neuramis Filler is produced by Medytox which is the certified manufacturer of Neuronox Botox. Neuramis is produced based on the company’s SHAPE™ technology characterized by 2-step cross-linking and Enhanced purification process. It minimizes uncross-linked BDDE and guarantees a Long-Lasting Effect and SUPERIOR SAFETY.

Clinical research has proven that Neuramis Fillers are comparable with Restylane and Juvederm.

Types of Neuramis Fillers:

(1) Neuramis with Lidocain – All facial wrinkles, lips and under eyes.

(2) Neuramis Deep with Lidocain – Deep wrinkles, Nasolabial lines.

(3) Neuramis Volume with Lidocain – Cheek, Nose, Chin.

Neuramis share the same result with Restylane & Juverderm but with a cheaper price & longer result. Most importantly, Neuramis is approved by the United State FDA, Korea FDA and Europe EDQM. Result last for 2 years.

1 box- 1ml pre-filled syringe with 2 needles

Neuramis (Grey) – $150
Neuramis Deep (Black) – $150
Neuramis Volume (Gold) – $150





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