Bio-Rae Quad Active G9000 EGF $169


Origin: Korea

Manufacturer: Bio Rae Cosmo Aesthetic Ltd

One of the famous whitening products in Korea.

Achieve a whiter & softer skin by injecting Whitening Glutathione 9000mgy. The revolutionary new beauty to help skin look younger by the EGF Epidermal Growth Factor beauty of science at the molecular level. Contain biological nutrients that play a role in restoring the skin firmness and remove radicals.
Originally from Korea and is one of the widely used products by the Korean Plastic Surgeons. It helps to brighter the dark skin as well as balance skin tone.

EGF stimulates collagen and growth blood vessels. It is used in human body such as tissue/wound healing where the cells were destroyed. EGF can stimulate the production of new skin cells, keep skin moistured and soft. It helps to prevent Melanin and pigmentation too.


Glutathione 9000 mg
VitaminC 2,500 mg
Collagen 750 mg
EGF Epidermal Growth Factor Lyophilized 9000 mg.

( 10 ampoule x 5ml )
. 2500mg Ascorbic Acid
. 0.75mg Collagen Extract

( 10 vials x 15ml )
. 1000mg Glutathione
. 9000mg EGF

How to use : 1 time per week, IM, IV



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