ISHIYE KOJICO 5000mg Double Strength Booster $165

ISHIYE KOJICO 5000mg –  Double Strength Booster


Place of Origin: Japan

Packaging: 6 vials + 6 ampoules

Ingredients :

– Kojic Acid Extract 5000mg
– AHA 250mg
– Amino Acid 500mg
– Natural Collagen 0.75mg
– Ascorbic Acid 1250mg

Benefits :
– Boost Up Whitening Effect
– Whiten Skin and Lighten Scar
– Enhance The Elasticity Of Skin
– Lighten Pigmentation Resulted From Exposed Sunlight
– Improves Skin Complexion
– Stimulate Collagen Formation
– Anti Black Spot, Pigmentation, Freckles
– Skin Renewal
– Improve Fine Lines
– Inhibit Production Of Melanin (Brown Pigment)
– Regenarate Dead Cells

Recommended Dosage :

Intravenous Injection (IV).
1 ampoule + 1 vial per time. Two times a week.

Not Suitable For :

– Breast Feeder
– Injection On Women Period
– Allergy To Vitamin (Any Kind)
– Patient With Cardiovascular Problem


What is Kojid Acid ?

Kojic acid was discovered as a natural product derived form a mushroom in Japan in 1989. It has been successfully used to lighten pigment spots and skin discoloration and considered as a kind of popularly specialized inhibitor for melanin. At present, it is assigned into various kinds of cosmetics for curing freckles, spots, pigmentation and acne.

Kojic acid works to stop the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the substance that gives your skin its pigment, and the more you have, the darker your skin will be. However, you don’t have to have a skin problem for kojic acid to work. It will work on healthy skin and reduce the production of melanin, giving your skin an overall lighter appearance.

Kojic acid can produce excellent effects in even toning the skin, fighting age spots, pregnancy marks, freckles as well as general skin pigmentation disorders of face and body.

It is a pure (98%) and natural material. It also is widely used in the field of medicine and food. Because it can eliminate free radicals, strengthen cell activity, and keep food fresh. Kojic Acid is widely consumed in the Japanese diet and is believed to be beneficial to health.

Kojic acid is absolutely safe to human health. Beside, Kojic acid and its derivative has better inhibitory effect on tyrosinase than any other skin whitening agents.

Price: $165 usd


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