Melsmon Placenta $450


100% Guarantee Original !!!

Packing : 2ml x 50 amp

Origin : Japan

MELSMON PLACENTA® is manufactured in Japan, and approved as a Pharmaceutical Product, with Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product, and listed on the Nippon Health Insurance Drug Tariff (NHI) and complies to Japanese Pharmaceutical Regulation.

MELSMON PLACENTA® , also called Melsmon cell Revitalization Extract is tested for HIV1, HIV2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and Cytomegalovirus (CMV). A number of studies, as well as 5 decades of clinical experience demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of these preparations as a biological therapy with the potential to improve metabolic activity and repair function within cells, tissues and organs.

The Melsmon cell revitalization extract is produced by obtaining the potent extract from a healthy human placenta. It does not contain any blood or hormone and it is safe for consumption.

Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd is very concerned and careful about the precautionary measure for virus infection. We have adopted very stringent measure in the investigation of the donors’ background, the selection of placenta, the manufacturing and product sterilization procedure to ensure the quality and reliability of melsmon cell revitalization extract. The melsmon cell revitalization extract is produced under the good manufacturing process (GMP) in accordance with the ministry of health & welfare japan and the world health organization’ s stringent requirements. Therefore, there is no risk of aids infection.

The melsmon cell revitalization extract is capable of promoting blood circulation at the skin and enables the skin cells to multiply vigorously. It also stimulates the formation of serum and restores the normal function for the skin membrane and improves the skin moisture. As a result, you could have a moisturized, elastic and sparkling skin.

The melsmon cell revitalization extract restores the normal function for nervous system and regulates the production of growth hormone. As such, it is effective for hormonal imbalance or mild nervous system disorder occurred during menopause.


Should men take placenta?

In some men’s mind, placenta products are women’s products and consuming them will make them lose their masculinity. This total misconception has become a hindrance to men to take advantage of the full benefits of placentas. The truth is placenta products not only give men youthful-looking skin but also improve their stamina and libido.

Placenta helps improve blood circulation and hence, allowing the body skin’s structure and muscles to be firm and full of vitality. This is essential especially in enhancing the stamina and libido in men. It also boosts cell regeneration with improvement in elastin and hyaluronic acid which acts as skin moisturizer. The hormone level also balances up. With all the goodness of placentas, men should therefore not fear about consuming placenta products. Men should try it and experience it!

For female, The melsmon cell revitalization extract regulates production of growth hormone within the female body, promotes lactation and relieves the symptoms for menopause.

Dark spots and freckles are the result of pigmentation.The melsmon cell revitalization extract can suppress the formation of pigmentation and improves the excretion of pigment from the body. It can also regulate the function for nervous system and the production of growth hormone. It also restores the normal function for our skin.

Melsmon is also good for liver malfunction people, it is because the liver cells are damaged or dead due to the presence of active oxidant. The melsmon cell revitalization extract is capable of enhancing the function of sod, an antioxidant which can prevent many liver diseases.


Overall Benefits:

• 98 % improvement for Menopausal Syndrome, and decreases pre-menstrual tension and related feminine problems
• 98 % improvement for Andropausal Syndrome
• 50 to 300 % improvement of Hormone Profile
• Regenerates cells, tissues, and organs, clinically proven to enhance organ function, by 50% to 200%

• Improves immune system against diseases
• Improves alertness and mental awareness
• Lightens facial pigmentation, scar and darkspot
• Refines facial pores and a glow to your skin
• Rapid moisturizing dry skin
• Eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and eyebags
• Firming skin
• Improves skin elasticity and prevent saggy skin; enhances skin texture

• Improves sleep patterns
• Improves in blood circulation
• Enhances stamina and energy level
• Renews sexual satisfaction
• Eliminates constipation
• Reduces pre-menopause syndrome and a delay in menopause
• Firms sagging bust and develops bust in cases of women with under developed bust size

• Stabilizes weight to a normal level
• Decreases serum concentrations of cholesterol and triglycerides
• Decreases risk of heart disease
• Relieves symptoms related to any chronic disease
• Increases flexibility in joints and discs
• Increases vigor and energy
• Promotes the rejuvenation of cells and strengthens the function of all internal organs

Recommended Dosage: 1 vial every 5 days.

Method: IV, IM, SC
Not Suitable for:

– Breast feeding period
– Menstrual Period
– Patient with cardiovascular problem




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