Testolic $129


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Brand name: Testolic Body Research.
Generic name: Testolic

TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE  was the first androgenic steroid to be synthesized. Over the decades of this medicine administration, bodybuilders have found out that the propionate is actualy an active way of achieving body strength and maintaining the corpse muscles during the cutting period. Testolic Body Research is usually mentioned to as ‘prop’ or ‘test prop’ among steroid enthusiasts. The propionate is actually a testosterone ester that is injected to the muscle cells in the form of an injectable suspension.

What is testosterone used for?
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In men, testosterone plays a main role in the advance of male reproductive tissues such as the testis as well prostate also encouraging secondary sexual characteristics such as improved muscle, bone mass and hair growth. In addition, testosterone is vital for health and well-being as well as the avoidance of osteoporosis.

Testosterone is anabolic, meaning it builds up bone also muscle mass.
– Anabolic responses embrance: growth of muscle mass also power, increased bone density also strength, encouraging of linear growth and bone maturation.
– Androgenic reactions embrance: maturation of the sex organs, particularly the penis and the development of the scrotum in the fetus, and after birth (usually at puberty) a deepening of the voice, progress of the beard also axililary hair.

Usual quantity: 50-200 mg daily
Effective dose (Males): 350-2000 mg per week.
Active quantity (Females): 50-100 mg/week

The most common dosage plan for testosterone propionate (males) is to inject 50 to 100mg, every 2nd or 3rd day. As with the more popular esters, the total weekly dose would be in the range of 200-400mg. As with all testosterone compounds, this drug is most suitable suitable for bulking cycles of training. Here it is most often combined with other strong preparations such as Dianabol, Anadrol 50 or Deca-Durabolin, combinations that demonstrate to be quite formidable. Propionate however is sometimes as well used with no aromatizing anabolic/androgens during cutting or dieting cycles of training, a time when it’s fast action also androgenic nature are also esteemed. Standard stacks include a modest dosage of propionate with an oral anabolic like Winstrol (15-35 mg day by day), Primobolan (50-150 mg per day) or oxandrolone (15-30 mg day by day).

For strength and muscle mass gains, this drug is quite effective. With propionate, androgenic side effects seem somewhat less pronounced than with the other testosterones, probably due to the fact that blood levels do not build up as high. Users often report less gyno trouble, lower water retention and commonly claim to be harder on prop than with the others. This however is still a testosterone and, as with all testosterone products, androgenic side effects are unavoidable. It should also be noted that propionate is often a very painful injection. Users very regularly report swelling and noticeable pain for days after a shot.


Packaging: 2ml x 5 vials

Usage: Average dose is 100-300 mg per week.


Not Suitable for:

  • Well-known reaction to testosterone propionate.
  • People with carcinoma of the breast.
  • People with known or supposed carcinoma of the prostate gland.
  • Females who are or who might become pregnant.
  • Patients with bad cardiac, hepatic or renal malady.

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