Plagensia Human Placenta $550



Plagensia Human Placenta

Origin: South Korea

100% Original & Genuine

Efficacy and Main Effect:
Anti aging and improve Menopause


• Nervous System Regulatory Function (specifically the autonomous nervous system)

• Endocrine (Hormonal) System Regulatory Function

• Basal Metabolism Function (energizes the metabolism, cells, blood vessels and organs)

• Tissue Repair Function

• Tranquilizing Function

• Anti-toxin Function (strengthens the liver)

• Lactation Promotion Function

• Constitution Function

• Improve Blood Production & Circulation

• Anti-mutagen Function (suppresses cancer cell formation)

• Blood Pressure Regulatory Function

• Fatigue Recovery Function

• Skin whitening function

• Moisturizing function

• Tissue regeneration function (improves regeneration of skin cells, promoting replacement)

• Connective tissue renewal function (produces collagen, actively renewing connective tissue)

• Cell growth and regeneration

• Antioxidant

• Anti-inflammatory & allergy

• Improve immune system

Usage and capacity: Inject under the skin, 3 times a week
Storage: Store in room temperature. Shelf life of 24 months from production date.


 Packaging: 2mL x 50 Ampoules

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