Taiwan NanKuang Injection Set $680

Taiwan NanKuang Whitening Injection Set

Best Whitening Drip in Taiwan !!

Origin: Taiwan

Manufacturer: Nan Kuang Pharmaceutical

Nang Kuang, founded in 1963, is a leading pharmaceutical company in Taiwan, with almost 55 year history , especially in production of injectable products.

Nang Kuang has been certified by the Taiwan Bureau of Health with respect to cGMP、PIC/S GMP(whole factory) compliance and was also granted ISO14001、TIPS(Taiwan Intellectual Property Scheme) certification along with many export product licenses. Nang Kuang has become the largest injectable manufacturer in the country.


NanKuang Whitening Injection Set contains:

1. PanNobel 【诺贝尔】20ml @produce collagen , repair UV damage to the skin , melanin.

2. Lisamin 【止血明】5ml @cut off ultraviolet radiation formation. Improve and prevent the deposition of skin pigment.

3. Thioccan【保肝】5ml x 2 @Help liver detoxification , easing skin damage caused with age and generate new skin , keep the skin moist.

4. Cebonin【循必利】5ml @Scavenger of free radicals, promote peripheral vascular circulation, enhance metabolism, anti-aging .

5. Copolamin-B12 【高补那命B12】20ml @Fatigue , maintain healthy skin lubrication , delayed appearance of wrinkles .

6. Soragen-S 【治敏健】20ml @There are anti-inflammatory ingredients , so after used, the skin is not sensitive , eczema improve.

7. Kinpomin【贝力多】50ml @The most important antioxidant enzymes of human cells .Intracellular antioxidant enzymes , can provide function and free radicals , 100 % inhibition of melanin ability .

8. Ancare 【舒得清】3ml @Japan’s imports of raw materials produced enhanced antioxidant supplement Kinpomin & Ancare increase glutathione content .

9. Aminogen-X【安命活源】250ml @Enhance immunity ; fat burning ; promoting metabolism, elimination of edema , to help lose weight.


Dosage: IV Drip only. Once a week.


Not Suitable for:

— Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
— Patient with cardiovascular problem.

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