Japan TEVA Aqua Shining Injection $170

TEVA Aqua Shining Injection

Origin: Japan

Packaging: 10 x 2.5ml

One of the famous and widely used products by plastic surgeons and Aestheticians!!
No needle? You can also apply this product on your skin by hand !!

Mosturizing Starts from Deep within the Skin Shining Aqua Injection!

Difficult to show the difference on picture, you will absolutely love it once you use it!! Especially for dry skin. You will feel and see the difference immediately!

Suitable for all skin types, especially good for dry, dull, fair lines and uneven skin tone.

By injecting TEVA Aqua Shining adds moisture to dermis layer by using multi-needles to inject evenly. It is an anti-aging injection for maintaining elastic & hydration skin. If inject with vitamin c, it could also whiten your skin and reduce speckles. The injection can be done using normal needles or mesotherapy gun or apply by hand

Main Ingredient:Hyaluronate Acid (pre-filled injection)

Packaging: 1 box contains 10 syringes, 25mg/2.5ml per syringes


– Improve the face, neck, hands wrinkles (for crow’s feet, nasolabial folds and other sensitive areas, stimulating small).

– Whitening, improve the dull complexion; An effective complement to the cheeks, neck, chest, back, lips and other parts of the water needed.

– Shrink pores, increase elasticity, firming & lifting skin.
– Excellent moisture. Your skin would feel soft, moist, bright after first injection.

– Eliminate pigmentation, improve acne. Effective against freckles, dark circles, acne, large pores, improve skin inflammation condition.




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