JBP Nano Cannula $150

JBP NanoCannula : Thin-Walled

Origin: Japan


A new generation of cannulas are designed to reduce the damage of hypodermal tissues. Each cannula is accompanied by a punch needle. JBP incorporates its patent Micron Sharpness in all its devices, the Nano Concept provides the work for the professional and improves patient satisfaction. Also less painful than conventional needles and less bruising.

Advantage of JBP NanoCannula Treatment:
– Less downtime and less internal bleeding
– Less stress without pain

Available Sizes:
JBP Cannula  22g  50mm
JBP Cannula  25g  50mm
JBP Cannula  27g  50mm
JBP Cannula  22g  70mm


  • Stainless steel pipe (SUS304)
  • Ultra-thin walled
  • Extra fine
  • Micro polishing technology
  • USA FDA Approved
  • Japan FDA Approved
  • Korea FDA Approved
  • CE Marking
  • South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS)

The cannula that improves the doctor’s experience, facilitating technique, making it even less traumatic, with a precise guidance.

“Just feel the Nano difference!”

Packaging: 1 box contains 24 cannulas



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