Rejuran S $180

REJURAN  S   (FDA Approved)

Origin: Korea

Packaging: 1ml x 1 syringe


What is Rejuran S ?

The Rejuran S, a more concentrated version of the Rejuran Healer, has restorative and reparative properties, which makes it excellent for treating acne scarring.

Acne scarring is most commonly treated with skin resurfacing procedures such as CO2 Lasers, or  fractional radio frequency treatments. But they are very costly and painful and might have some downtime. 


What is the difference between Rejuran Healer and Rejuran S?

Rejuran S and Rejuran Healer are both made of polynucleotides (PN), which promotes skin cell growth through inducing fibroblast and collagen production.Polyneucleotide chains are DNA fragments that repair damaged dermal (skin) cells and assist in collagen stimulation.

The difference between the two would be that Rejuran S is more concentrated and more viscous in texture than Rejuran Healer – these properties allow the Rejuran S be specially suited for acne scar treatments.

Viscosity/Concentration: ♦♦♦
• Promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance.
• Optimized for depressed and acne scars.

MAIN FOCUS:Reduces scars (depressed, sunken and acne scars), increases volume around the depressed area to make skin smooth again.



How are acne scars formed and how does Rejuran S help?

Acne scars are caused by deep inflammation and cyst formation with scar. After inflammation and injury to the skin by acne, the skin will try to heal itself by producing collagen to replace the ones that have been damaged.  In some cases, optimal healing might not occur, and may instead form twisted bands between the skin and the SMAS layer, which causes the skin to change shape, get pulled downwards and sink in, forming a deep, pitted scar.

Rejuran S helps to reduce the appearance of acne scarring by inducing collagen reproduction and healing of the skin structure. The texture of Rejuran S is more viscous and gel-like compared to Rejuran Healer, and acts like a filler to fill up sunken scars, and at the same time, the rejuvenating properties of Rejuran S will repair the skin at the dermis.


How is the procedure done and is it painful?

Before the procedure, topical numbing cream will be applied so as to make the process more comfortable. 

Rejuran S is injected under a scar, in the dermis layer after a subcision is first performed to break up the scar tissue. It repairs dermal skin cells, and stimulates normal collagen production under the scar, resulting in a much shallower scar.


Will there be downtime?

Rejuran S injections under the skin with a subcision has a downtime of about 2 – 3 days of small injection marks. Occasionally, mild bruising can also occur with deeper subcisions.


How long will the results last?

Results from Rejuran S will be permanent.


Who is suitable for Rejuran S?

Rejuran S is suitable to treat all types of acne scarring, such as box scars, rolling scars, ice-pick scars and other depressed & burned scars.




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