MesoEstetic Lipolytic $180

MesoEstetic C.Prof 221 Lipolytic Solution
(Best lipolytic product in Spain)

Transform and reduce the size of fatty deposits with Mesoestetic C.Prof 221 Lipolytic Solution!!

Fast result within 24 hours!!

Origin: Spain

Manufacturer: Mesoestetic ®

Packaging: 5 vials x 10 ml


Stubborn fatty pockets on the body can be tough to banish, this solution helps to mobilize fat within the body by reducing the size and number of adipocytes (fat cells). When used as part of a complete figure concern treatment, this can be used as a reducing phase subsequent to another drainage-type phase.

Active ingredients provide diuretic properties and help to stimulate collagen and fibroblast production.

Every vial contains the active components that are necessary to fulfill an individual procedure and assure an optimal effect under the treatment process.

Exclusive combination of Artichoke, L-Carnitine, Organic Silicon and Theophylline which acts on multiple enzymes and lipolysis receptors to address cellulite on different levels.

Highly enriched, variegated and reliable products, which ensure a high level of therapeutic reaction. They are suitable for synergizing with systems and devices such as cavitation, electroporation, ionization, and iontophoresis, micro needling, roller, ultrasound, and IR thermotherapy).



– Transport fatty acids to be transformed into energy
– Reduce the size and number of fat cells
– Banish stubborn fatty pockets on the body
– Solution for all type of cellulite
– Restores turgidity and firmness to the treated areas
– Guarantee No pain, No brusing, No swelling
– Fast result within 24 hours!!

The hypodermis (skin tissue) is formed by numerous adipocytes (fat cells) among which a series of nourishing fluids circulate. They serve to support the skin while eliminating toxins. In certain circumstances, the adipocytes increase in size, hindering correct drainage. This causes the intercellular fluid to thicken, interfering with the functioning of the micro-circulatory system and the formation of cellulite.

Lipolytic solution acts on numerous enzymes and lipolytic receptors to reduce the size and number of the adipocytes thus gives you a smaller size of face/body. It dissolves fat cells while lifting your skin and restore firmness. Result can be seen within 24 hours. It is the best lipolytic prodct in Spain. It can also be used as a reducing phase subsequent to another drainage-type phase.



Artichoke extract
It has diuretic properties.

Nano L-Carnitine 30,000mg
High concentrated of 30,000mg L-Carnitine. Transports the fatty acids to the interior of the mitochondria where they are converted into energy.

It acts by blocking the A1 adipocyte membrane receptor, producing an increase of triglyceride hydrolysis in glycerol and fatty acids.

Organic silicon
Stimulates fibroblast proliferation and promotes collagen synthesis.




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