Laennec Human Placenta $599

Laennec Human Placenta (100% Original & Authentic Guaranteed)

Origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Japan Bio Products Co Ltd ( JBP )

Packaging: 50 vials x 2ml

Shelf Life (Expiration) : November 2019 (updated on 05 April 2019)

Shelf life for an original Laennec Human Placenta is only 10 months from the date of manufactured.

LAENNEC PLACENTA is the Most Effective Anti-Aging product for younger looking, glowing, flawless skin. Placenta extract is a very safe and effective treatment for a variety of ailments as well as being quite useful in an anti-aging program. We would also like to emphasize that the Japanese Ministry of Health has acknowledged human placenta treatment as safe and effective with no serious side effects.

Established in 1936, Japan Bio Products Co. Ltd (JBP) , today is the world’s largest manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals derived from Human Placental extracts by volume. Licensed by Japanese Ministry of Health & welfare in 1974 to commercialize Laennec Human Placenta inj.

Laennec is the ethical drug manufactured with JBP’s unique technologies for effective extraction of variety of growth factors, cytokines, and other physiologically active substances from the human placenta. For instance,  HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) was found to promote the new growth of hepatocytes, liver cells necessary for the regeneration of a diseased liver.  The product and host tissue undergo the most stringent testing to insure the safety, consistency and efficacy of the product. Without cell growth factor, it is not possible to produce new cells. In just 10 months of pregnancy, from just a single cell, producing a baby with 40 to 60 trillion cells is all thanks to cell growth factor, which is produced only by the placenta.

The essential ingredients

Abundant elements included in the placenta

The placenta, which plays a role in building the body of a person has almost all of the nutrients necessary for life. Of course, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, which are the three major nutrients, and the physiologically active ingredients such as various vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nucleic acids, exist abundantly.

Abundant elements included in the placenta:

Amino acid Essence of life. Has various physiological functions
Protein Nutrient that builds a person’s body.
Carbohydrate Becomes an energy source and maintains the structure of cells.
Vitamin Adjusts physiological functions and makes metabolism smooth.
Nucleic acid Restoration of genes, adjustment of metabolism.
Biologally active peptide Central element placenta, demonstrating a medicinal effect.
Lipid and fatty acid One of the important materials used to make cells.
Mucopolysaccharide Element to connect between, cells, works to suppress inflammation.
Mineral Various roles, such as the adjustment of blood and biological fluids, etc.
Enzyme Assists with a chemical reaction in vivo.

Placentas that contain abundant nutritional contents such as these in the mother’s womb, support the variety of physiological functions necessary for the baby’s growth.



This product is a light yellow-brown or yellow-brown clear liquid with a distinctive odor. The pH level ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 and the osmotic pressure ratio (to physiological saline) is approximately one.

Laennec combines ancient traditions and unique modern Japanese technologies. Its clinical efficiency and safety is proved by a 55 years long usage in Japanese clinics for treating more than 80 illnesses. It combines ancient traditions and unique modern Japanese technologies.

Modern medicine prefers natural drugs having strong healing effects, lacking side effects and don’t building up a tolerance. As a placental biologic drug, Laennec has a polyfunctional effect on all organs and internal systems. Placenta injection effectively slowing down aging process, to live a full life at any age and to look great. Laennec promotes regeneration and renewal of body cells, supports physiological regeneration and corrects life processes. That’s not just a way to cure many illnesses, but also a way to prevent them.

Laennec administration normalizes liver biochemical values, improves liver’s detoxification and metabolic functions and boosts immune system. The drug revitalizes the body, eliminates fatigue, boosts neural activity and increases tolerance to stress, it is also effective as a treatment of dermatological issues and as a component of aesthetic programs.



The placenta has very advanced beauty effects, such as the whitening of skin or the reduction of wrinkles, and for those purposes, placenta injections are performed. Therefore, the placenta is popular as a cosmetic ingredient, and is also used as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical cosmetics for whitening.

Anti-age therapy and body bioactivation  – improvement of the quality of life, body detoxification, boost of tolerance, performance in the workplace and stress resistance, state of health and mood improvement, hormonal panel normalization, correction of biological age.

Cosmetology  – rejuvenation at the cellular level, lifting effect, improvement of the skin quality: rhytides effacement, improvement of skin elasticity and humidity.

Dermatology – treatment of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, melasma, recurring herpes and age spots. Stimulates skin growth, regeneration and accelerate repair of aging and injured muscle, skin collagen, both cartilage and nerve issue.

Hepatology – liver cells regeneration, treatment of alcohol and toxic hepatitis, acute and chronic viral hepatitis, alimentary hepatic steatosis and hepatic cirrhosis.

Gynecology – Irregular menses, Algomenorrhea, chronic endometritis as an infertility reason, unsuccessful EF, habitual miscarriage and postmenopausal syndrome (as a preventive care).

Urologyy  – Bladder enlargement, Cystitis. Treats infertility and sterility, improves recovery after giving birth. At the same time it improves sperm production for men and also treats impotence.

Surgery – Arthritis rheumatoides, Arthrosis, Neuralgic pain, Back pain


Some other diseases Human Placenta Extract has treated :
General fatigue, Diabetes, Depression, Asthma, Poor Blood circulation, Migraine, Prostatic hypertrophy, Skin Allergy, Menopause, Pimples / Acne, Dysmenorrhea, Hay fever, Ovarian dysfunction, Andropause, Hormone imbalance, Chronic constipation, Gastric ulcer, Dyspepsia, Hypertension, Hypotension, Skin Ailments…etc. 


Skin beautification effect of the Placenta:

Whitening Suppresses the generation of the melanin pigment that causes age spots, and also removes age spots and dullness.
Moisture retention The ability to retain moisture maintains moist skin for a long time.
Cell proliferation and reproduction Enhances metabolism, normalizes turnovers and produces healthy kin.
Collagen generation Supports collagen generation, which determines skin elasticity.
Blood circulation promotion Promotes blood circulation and produces healthy, beautiful skin.
Antioxidation effect Suppresses the occurrence of the active enzymes that cause aging.
Anti-inflammatory effect Suppresses the inflammation caused by pimples, redness or itchiness, etc.
Anti-allergic effect Adjusts and recovers the immune system, and suppresses allergic responses.
Immunostimulant effect Enhances immune system and produces strong, healthy skin.
Amino acid supplementation Increases energy metabolism of skin cells, and supplies material for cell reproduction.

For women, beautiful skin is very important. Placenta extract is a wonderful solution for Spots, blotches, melasma, wrinkles, eczema, acne and scars. Fibroblasts in dermis produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid that are very important to keep skin healthy, young and beautiful. The skin gets fresh, soft, smooth and elastic like baby’s skin. Placenta extract inactivates tyrosinase, a key enzyme that converts tyrosine to DOPA. DOPA is converted to melanin after a series of transformations. That is why human placenta extract contributes to whitening of skin. It makes for a fairer and clearer skin.


Laennec provides an opportunity for fundamental restoration and rejuvenation of a body and a modern high quality treatment of serious diseases. After the age of 25, the level of stem cells are only at 20 percent. As the levels of stem cells decline, the damage that we call aging continues to accelerate. By increasing the levels of stem cells in our bodies, we can slow, or even reverse, many manifestations of aging. There is no other single therapy currently available that can have the impact on aging that Laennec Placenta Injection can have.

Even one week of intensive treatment can change the skin condition remarkably. And for keloid scar and acne scar, Laennec human placenta extract is reported to be effective, too.


Intramuscular (IM). 1 vial every 2-3 days OR 2 vials once a week for 3 months.

Shelf life for an original Laennec Human Placenta is only 10 months from the date of manufactured. The expiry date of the latest batch of stock is NOVEMVER 2019. Selling fast !  (Updated on 05 APRIL 2019) 









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