Evgenis Embryonic Stem Cell $580

Evgenis Embryonic Stem Cell

Place of Origin : Switzerland
Packaging : 6 amps

Ageing is a complex process that involves every cell and organ in the body and that leads to the deterioration of many body functions over the lifespan of an individual.


What happens to the body with age?

The underlying cause of aging : –
the skin loses its elasticity
injuries heal more slowly than in childhood
bones turn brittle and take much longer to heal when fractured
lung tissue loses its elasticity
muscles of the rib cage shrink
blood vessels accumulate fatty deposits and become less flexible, which results in arteriosclerosis
the reduced capacity to regenerate injured tissues or organs


What is the roll of stem cell in aging?
Stem cells are essential building blocks for all organisms. They can divide and renew themselves throughout life, differentiating into the specialized tissues needed during development, as well as cells necessary to repair adult tissue.

However, they recreate themselves and regenerate tissues throughout a person’s lifetime, but that doesn’t mean they don’t age. They do, gradually losing their ability to effectively maintain tissues and organs.

The aging process is the result of the inability of various types of our body stem cells to continue to replenish the tissues of an organism with functional differentiated cells capable of maintaining that tissue (or organ) original function.

What are the steps for Regenerative and Anti Aging?
If you wish to bring back the healthy and refreshing years of your life, stem cell products can help you to improve general physical health and as a result reduces fatigue and enhances individuals’ capacity to work.

Among other advantages of stem cell products are mental capacity and decision-making pace enhancement, short-term memory loss repair and emotional balance. Also, these products also positively affect skin color, wrinkles, eyes-brightening and skin resurfacing.

Recommended Dosage : IM only, 1 amp per week





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